Youth from Year 7 TO Year 12

TOMS Youth is the group at TOMS for high-schoolers.

 We meet at St Tom’s Anglican Church, Cranebrook on Friday nights of the school term from 7:00pm to 9:00pm. It's a great program and there's always something different happening.

The wonderful thing about TOMS Youth is that it is a place where young people can come and feel like they can be themselves; you don’t have to put on an act and be someone you’re not! We love and welcome anyone who walks in the door for who they are, just like Jesus loves and welcomes anyone who comes to him. We are always keen for new people to join us.

On a typical night we play some games and activities, then spend time reading the Bible and discussing with our friends what it means for us today. We pray together and finish the night with a healthy dose of junk food before heading home. Occasionally we will have a night out somewhere fun – we might go to laser skirmish, a pool party, or out for dinner somewhere.

Each night costs $3, you can pay $20 for a term or $50 per term per family. To find out more, use this contact form to get in touch with us.

Or fill out a youth registration form.

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