What to expect

Everyone usually dresses casually in T-shirts and jeans depending on the weather.

When you arrive we’ll give you a friendly hello, give you a newsletter, a Bible if you want one, and help you find a seat.

The formal part of the service usually includes singing a few songs, praying to God, and reading some of the Bible. We explore what the Bible passage means in a 20 minute talk.

During this time, depending which service you attend, there may be a separate program for preschool and primary aged children that usually has Bible teaching, songs, games and craft. You're welcome to accompany your kids if you like. All our Kid's leaders have had Safe Ministry Training. You collect your children after the main service has finished.

During the service, we take up a collection for the church's work in the community and overseas. The finances for all Tom's church bills such as salaries, electricity, rates, etc. are also are provided through your giving. If you are visiting, you can contribute if you want but this is for our church regulars to give. You may notice some church regulars pass the bag on without giving. This usually means they are giving via direct debit from their bank.

After the structured part of the morning we enjoy some morning tea/supper together (freely provided!).


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